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Welcome to The Sega Sages Webpage! Much of the page is still under construction but more and more is getting added everyday. Come back frequently to see updates and what's new with the site. The forums are currently open, so feel free to come on in and join the community.

Come join the family to help build the greatest Sega fansite on the net!

Sonic The Hedgehog Rewrites the Arabian Nights in a Completely New Adventure Exclusive to the Wii Console

SEGA to Publish Video Games Based on Nickelodeon Movies/Walden Media/Paramount Pictures' Upcoming Feature Film

Original Sonic Game Offers Lively Head-to-Head Competition

Sequel to Award-winning Full Auto Features Strategically Destructible Street Environments to Deliver the Next Generation of Combat-Racing

SEGA Redefines the Rally Racing Genre with Revolutionary Track Deformation Technology

Take Turns at Becoming a Pool Champion at E3

New Controller Revolutionizes Ways to Have Fun with AiAi and the Super Monkey Ball Gang

Uncanny Realism & Innovative Features Add New Depth to the Award Winning Virtua Tennis Franchise