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Staff Job Openings are now available!!!

One cannot build and maintain a community on his own. Therefore I need a staff to help me with this community. Job openings are now available for the following positions...
Reporters - People that can find new Sega news and post it onto the site.
Special Editors - People that do an exceptional job at writing editorials on a specific subject.
Reviewers - People that can play and review new games that come out by Sega.
Advertising - People that can promote and advertise for the site. Also people that can reach out anf find new sites and members to add to the network.
And for the Forums....
Mods - People that can moderate a forum of a specific topic.
Admins - Jobs will open later.
So if you are interested in joining The Sega Sages Staff, either drop me an email (recommended), or post in the forums that you are interested in being part of the staff.

Send your email to with "Job Positions - (The One You Are Applying For)" in your subject box.